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Remedy #2 : John Roedel

oh, my troubled lovely,
oh, my fading candle,
oh, my broken beauty,
oh, my crumbling stronghold,

stay with us
here on Earth

don’t rapture yourself;
– we need you

before you decide to leave,

sit with me here in your unmade self
at the edge of your unmade bed

and listen to me
tell you one last secret

oh, my tearful songbird,

if you can find
a way to
survive long


someday you’ll become
the answer to somebody
else’s most desperate prayer

by just being there in
the same room that they are in
– as they gently fall apart

and at that moment
you won’t need to say anything

you’ll just need to drape your hands
over theirs like a Good Friday altar cloth
until they believe in resurrection again

– that’s why you can’t give up

your life will someday be the rainbow
at the end of someone else’s storm

if you aren’t still here
when they fall off
the bridge

then who will be there to catch them?

I know it’s not quite fair
– but your life isn’t just yours

it also belongs to that person
who is going to need you
to be alive later

you are part of the community
of unintended angels

who has a sacred calling

of surviving your darkest night
so someday you can be the
sunrise for somebody else who
will need you to prove to them
that daybreak always returns

oh, my clouding diamond,
oh, my shaking sunflower,
oh, my doubting saint,
oh, my disappearing moon,
oh my quieting symphony

stay here
with us
on Earth

because if you do

you will save a dozen lives
by first saving your own

it’s the great pyramid scheme
of hope

you must persist
so they can watch how you persist

turn this riptide you
are drowning under

into a ripple
of hope
that stretches
through time

that you can ride until
you reach that one moment
in your life where you’ll find yourself
in a quiet room with somebody
who wants to become a shadow

and you’ll be able to say to them
with authority the same thing
I am saying to you right now:

“oh my troubled lovely,
oh, my weeping daisy,
oh, my fading candle,
oh, my broken beauty,
oh my crumbling stronghold

stay with us
here on Earth

don’t rapture yourself
we need you…”

John Roedel

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My birth name is Denise, but I’m know as Bella to those who love me. I have a first class honours degree in education & psychology and a strong passion to keep learning and educating others ... I have severe ME/CFS and lots of other chronic illnesses and I started this blog as an expansion to my instagram page, where I advocate for chronic illness. I am married and have two grown up boys, or should I say young men. I have three gorgeous grandchildren, one boy and two girls. And despite being chronically sick and housebound I am mostly happy. 🥰