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Apple Watch (series 6) ...

Introduction …

The following is a review of the Apple Watch (series 6). Bought because, well who doesn’t want one of these stunning health watches! Also, as someone with ME and someone who always has PEM, after reading about aerobic and anaerobic threshold, I decided that I would try and stay within my own threshold in order to avoid PEM every single day. I had previously owned the original Apple Watch, and I loved it but the battery was appalling and so I moved over to FitBit, and more recently the FitBit Sense. And after a little bit of research I realised that I can do a lot more with the Apple Watch, in terms of aerobic threshold and other health options, than any other smart watch. Therefore, I went ahead and bought the Apple Watch (series 6). This definitely has to be my favourite so far.

What is Apple Watch (series 6) …

Apple Watch can do what your other devices can’t because it’s on your wrist. When you wear it, you get a fitness partner that measures all the ways you move, meaningful health insights, and a connection to the people and things you care about most. And it’s always just a glance away.

Main Features … (taken from product website, can be skipped ↴)

The Apple Watch Series 6, released in September 2020, is the current iteration of the Apple Watch that originally launched in 2015. The Apple Watch Series 6 is identical in design to the Series 5, but there are some notable health-related features along with a faster chip for better performance.

There’s a new sensor in the Apple Watch Series 6 that enables Blood Oxygen monitoring that measures oxygen saturation in the blood for better understanding of fitness and wellness. When oxygen saturation (also known as SpO2) levels drop, it can be a sign of a serious illness.

Blood oxygen monitoring is enabled through four clusters of red, green, and infrared LEDs along with four photodiodes on the back of the Apple Watch, all of which measure light reflected back from blood. A custom algorithm included in the new Blood Oxygen app measures blood oxygen between 70 and 100 percent. On-demand testing is available through the app, and the watch also occasionally takes background measurements when a person is inactive, including during sleep. Data is available in the Health app.

The Apple Watch Series 6 continues to be available in 40 and 44mm size options, and it has the same thinner, smaller case introduced in the Series 4 along with the low power (LTPO) OLED Always-On display introduced in the Series 5. In the Series 6, the Always-On display is 2.5 times brighter than Apple Watch Series 5 when outdoors, so it’s easier to see in bright sunlight.

Apple Watch owners can access Notification Center and Control Center, tap on complications, and swipe to change faces when their wrists are down with the Always-On display in the Series 6. Apple has also added an always-on altimeter that’s more power-efficient, which can be seen on the watch face at all times and provides information on elevation changes as small as one foot. Apple Watch Series 6 is water resistant and supports Apple Pay purchases like prior models, plus it has all the same health-related features in addition to blood oxygen monitoring.

Apple Watch Series 6 is able to do things like monitor steps taken, calories burned, stairs climbed, and heart rate, plus it can take ECG readings, track sleep, look out for falls with fall detection, make emergency calls with SOS, and watch out for overly loud sounds.

Like the Apple Watch Series 5 models, Series 6 models feature a black ceramic and sapphire crystal backing and a Digital Crown with haptic feedback. The Digital Crown has built-in sensors for ECG readings.

There’s an updated S6 System-in-Package chip in the Apple Watch Series 6, which is based on the A13 Bionic in the iPhone 11. It is up to 20 percent faster, allowing apps to launch 20 percent faster, and it offers the same all-day 18-hour battery life. Apple Watch Series 6 offers faster charging and can be charged to full in 1.5 hours. Battery life has been improved for tracking workouts like indoor and outdoor runs, too.

New to the Apple Watch Series 6 is the same U1 chip and Ultra Wideband antennas introduced in the iPhone 11 models, which Apple says enables short-range wireless location to support new experiences like digital Car Keys. Apple offers the Series 6 with both GPS and GPS + LTE functionality. LTE Apple Watch models can operate over LTE without an iPhone nearby.

This year’s Apple Watch models come in aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium, with Apple introducing new blue and (PRODUCT)RED color options for the aluminum models. Stainless steel Apple Watch models come in silver and a dark gray graphite shade, while titanium models come in silver and space black.

Apple is continuing to sell Apple Watch Nike and Apple Watch Hermès models, with both featuring new band options. Nike models are available only in aluminum, while Hermès models come in stainless steel.

Alongside the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple introduced the lower-cost Apple Watch SE, which is priced starting at £279. The Apple Watch SE is identical in design to the Apple Watch Series 6, but it is lacking several key features to keep costs down. It has an S5 chip that was in the Series 5, but it lacks an always-on display, comes only in aluminum, has no blood oxygen sensor, doesn’t do ECG readings, has no U1 chip, and doesn’t support 5GHz WiFi.

Other than that, it supports all basic Apple Watch functionality such as heart rate monitoring, fall detection, activity monitoring, emergency SOS, Apple Pay support, sleep tracking, water resistance, and more. It comes in cellular and GPS options much like the Series 6.

There are three new Apple Watch band options this year, two of which eliminate closures and straps. The Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop are available in soft silicone and braided yarn, respectively. Each one slips over the hand and onto the wrist, with Apple offering nine sizing options. There’s also a new Leather Link band that’s a redesigned version of the Leather Loop.

With the new Apple Watch models and watchOS 7, Apple introduced a Family Setup feature that lets kids use Apple Watches without owning an iPhone. Parents can pair multiple Apple Watches to their iPhones for management purposes, so children can use the connectivity, safety, and fitness features of the Apple Watch. There’s a special Activity rings experience for children, along with a new parent-controlled Do Not Disturb mode called Schooltime to help kids stay focused and attentive while learning.

Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE models are available for purchase from the online Apple Store. Pricing on the Series 6 starts at £399, while pricing on the Apple Watch SE starts at £279. Apple is also continuing to sell the Apple Watch Series 3 at pricing starting at £199.

Impressions & Experience …

Initially, I felt anxious at the amount of money I was spending on a watch. Yet, when it arrives and you see the class, not only in the watch but even the packaging, then you know just what you’ve bought and where your money has gone. And even though it may cost you an arm and a leg when you look at it you will always feel warm inside and smile. But isn’t that the case with everything Apple? It is for me!

… it’s just that the cost brings me out in an anxious sweat as I am pressing the button to pay for it …

I had owned an Apple Watch from the very first release (not updating in between I might add), and so the workings and style of the Apple Watch were not new to me. That said, there are definitely some major improvements. The main one, for me, being the battery life improvement.

In time, I realised that the battery improvement, although better than the previous watch I don’t, still wasn’t good enough. Battery life needs to be a minimum of five days especially considering the amount of money you’re spending on this beautiful watch.

Finally, although most of what I have spoken about is poor battery life, there are some very useful things that this watch can do and it looks very beautiful on your arm as well. This acknowledged, I’m still not sure whether it’s worth its cost, even though I’m full of praise for it, I’m still not sure whether it’s worth its money or not. It’s a very expensive piece of kit that doesn’t actually do what a person with ME/CFS need it to do.

See below for my most important pros and cons in relation to the Apple Watch (series 6).

The Important Bits …

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Apple Watch (series 6) ...

Comparisons …

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Alternatives …

There are plenty of alternative smart health watches out there,  it I believe once you’ve had an Apple Watch, you simply can’t compare them.

That said, if money is tight you could buy the Apple Watch (SE), or even settle for the FitBit Sense because it definitely does the job and looks nice too and is way cheaper with a much better battery life as well.


I bought the Apple Watch (series 6) with my own money and all the views and opinions stated are my own. Anything in the review should not be used as law, it is simply my own honest and personal opinion. It is not medical advice, I am not medically qualified, and should not be used as such.

Please see Reviews Disclaimer … for my full disclaimer policy.

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