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Catch Up November 2022 …

So, I didn’t manage to do my journal for any of October. And then on 1.11.2022 I tested positive for covid and I am still struggling today 16.11.2022.

I did, however, make notes about my symptoms and so I will hopefully update them to here before the end of November …

Don’t forget whenever you see MiA … it means I have been unable to journal anything on that day due to serious illness or just because I was unable to do anything, except keep my head above water, on that particular day.

What’s New …

I have covid.

What’s Important …

I caught covid, tested positive on 1.11.2022. I don’t even leave the house, so I’m guessing my husband brought it home when he went into the office one day last week …

Diary (November 2022)



Monday 31.10.2022 : awake 04:45. Andrew tested positive. I feel poorly but tested negative.

Symptoms : temperature, front headache and eye pain, burning sore throat, cough, severe leg + arm pain, poor appetite, feeling nauseous.

Worse Symptom(s) today : all over flu like feeling.

Tuesday 01.11.2022 : awake vey early. Slept really poorly. On the settee all day and went to bed at 20:00 because I felt so unwell. Tested feintly positive.

Symptoms : temperature, front headache and eye pain, burning sore throat, earache, cough, leg pain, no appetite, blood in my urine. Took full allowance of CoCodamol + 6 aspirin.

Worse Symptom(s) today : all over flu like feeling / felt like my limbs were being snapped / exhaustion / very high temperature / migraine.



Wednesday 02.11.2022 : awake 02:00. Migraine all day. Slept extremely poor.

Symptoms : really high temperature, front headache and eye pain on top of typical migraine, burning sore throat, earache, cough, leg pain, no appetite. Took 3 aspirin (trying to not take any more in case that’s what’s causing the blood in urine) + full allowance of CoCodamol.

Worse Symptom(s) today : migraine.



Thursday 03.11.2022 : awake from 02:00 onwards. Headache all day. Slept extremely poor. Temperature. Body pain that feels like I’ve got broken bones.

Symptoms : temperature, front headache and eye pain on top of typical bad headache, burning sore throat, earache, cough, leg pain, body pain, agony back pain, poor appetite.

Worse Symptom(s) today : body pain.



Friday 04.11.2022 : awake 02:00. Extremely weak all day. Slept poor but better than other nights. Tested very positive today. Probably my worse day in terms of not having the energy to actually feel like I could stay alive and deal with the virus.

Symptoms : temperature, front headache and eye pain on top of typical migraine, burning sore throat, earache, cough, leg pain, no appetite, anxiety.

Worse Symptom(s) today : exhaustion unable to stand long enough to make a drink. I think I had an energy crisis today (feeling like I don’t have the energy to keep myself alive).



Saturday 05.11.2022 : awake 02:00. Exhausted all day. Slept extremely poor. Stayed in bed most of the day.

Symptoms : temperature dropping, pouring in sweat, burning sore throat, earache, small cough, major anxiety (so much so that I couldn’t wear my earphones (felt super claustrophobic) and couldn’t be left alone when Andrew did food shopping so went with him in my PJs and sat in the car), poor appetite.

Worse Symptom(s) today : total exhaustion and anxiety attacks.



Sunday 06.11.2022 : awake 03:30. Migraine all day. Slept a lot and extremely poorly.

Symptoms : temperature, front headache and eye pain on top of typical migraine, burning sore throat and chest, burning cough, breathless on movement, feeling very weak, unable to go up and down the stairs, no appetite.

Worse Symptom(s) today : burning in chest / wind pipe / throat / mouth + migraine + weakness.



Monday 07.11.2022 : awake 03:00. Very bad headache.

Symptoms : headache, no appetite, burning sore mouth, throat, windpipe, burning cough and chest, feel weak and shaken, numbness in left hand and fingers, anxiety and tearful.

Worse Symptom(s) today : anxiety.



Tuesday 08.11.2022 : awake 05:45. Massive headache but responded to tablets.

Symptoms : feel breathless today, burning cough, extremely weak bladder, burning tongue, burning throat, burning windpipe, poor eyesight, anxiety, I hadn’t realised or didn’t realise but I’ve completely lost my sense of smell and taste, which upon realisation gave me huge anxiety (today, I’ve started smell & taste things), to lose my smell & taste for good would be too much to bear.

Worse Symptom(s) today : no smell or taste.



Wednesday 09.11.2022 : awake loads during the night (but also retain it was Andrew touching me that disturbed me), finally awake 06:11 with massive headache, which hasn’t really responded to tablets.

Symptoms : temperature, headache, burning tongue, recurrent burning sore throat, and windpipe, earache, full blocked right ear, eczema on left elbow, random attacks of anxiety, very loud tinnitus, sweating, no sense of smell and very little ability to taste, except sweet, sour, and bitter. Had my first latte in days, maybe even a week, tasted of nothing but the sweet chocolate sprinkles I put on it. But, will do it again tomorrow.

Worse Symptom(s) today : no smell or taste and nasty headache.



Thursday 10.11.2022 : awake twice during the night coughing. Woke at 06:30. Sent urine sample off.

Symptoms : headache, burning cough, burning chest, burning windpipe, burning throat, burning tongue. Thick phlegm, cough, blocked right ear. No sense of smell or sense of taste, thought my taste was coming back but burning mouth increased and taste non existent again.

Worse Symptom(s) today : cough, blocked right ear, headache, no smell or taste.

Additional info : was prescribed amoxicillin for ear infection. (started at 22:00)

Antibiotics : 1/15



Friday 11.11.2022 : awake at 03:00 with massive headache and feeling really super hungry. Got up and had 3 crackers with cheese and small slice of cake (must be on the mend).

Symptoms : headache (non tablet responsive), cough a lot looser, ear still half full but releasing, awful bitter taste, a teeny tiny sense of smell, very little sense of taste.

Worse Symptom(s) today : headache, feeling very unwell today.

Antibiotics : 4/15



Saturday 12.11.2022 : awake at 06.45 with massive headache and unable to move.

Symptoms : headache, burning mouth and tongue, burning windpipe, chest and throat, ear still not good and more blocked up than yesterday, diarrhoea and really bad stomachs gripes (probably the antibiotics), anxiety, no sense of smell or sense of taste, serious coughing to the point of exhaustion, burning hands, pins and needles especially in left hand.

Worse Symptom(s) today : headache, cough, burning tongue and throat.

Antibiotics : 7/15 halfway mark



Sunday 13.11.2022 : (take a test) tested negative,which was a massive surprise because I still feel incredibly unwell.

Symptoms : headache, no sense of smell or taste, coughing, awful burning mouth and throat, burning hands, pins and needles and numbness in both hands especially thumbs, really dry skin and big patches of eczema on elbows, knees, ankles, heels.

Worse Symptom(s) today :

Antibiotics : 10/15



Monday 14.11.2022 : woke at 06:40 with massive headache.

Symptoms : non tablet responsive, headache, coughing, chest pain, no sense of smell or sense of taste, upper back in agony (pain medications not working for it in any way), ear blocked again, feel so poorly still.

Worse Symptom(s) today :

Smell training : still can’t smell anything or taste anything.

Antibiotics : 13/15



Tuesday 15.11.2022 : woke after an hour of sleep coughing. Got up had honey & lemon then slept till 06:45.

Symptoms : headache but mildly responded to tablets (first time in weeks), coughing, sore throat and earache,

Worse Symptom(s) today :

Smell training :  a tiny little bit of smell and a bit of taste, but nowhere near what I’m used to.

Antibiotics : 15/15 finished



Wednesday 16.11.2022 : woke at 05:00 with a bad bad headache.

Symptoms : headache, cough, feeling pretty unwell again, burning tongue, windpipe, and throat.

Worse Symptom(s) today : sticky phlegm and cough.

Smell training : less smell and taste than yesterday.



Thursday 17.11.2022 : woke at 06:30 bad head, so sense of smell or taste.

Symptoms : headache, cough, burning tongue, mouth and windpipe,

Worse Symptom(s) today : no sense of smell or sense of taste.

Smell training : smell and taste are non existent today.



Friday 18.11.2022 : major headache, upper back, body aches, just plain old unwell and feel like I’ve got covid again.

Symptoms : cough, no sense of smell, no taste, headache, upper back aches,

Worse Symptom(s) today : just everything.

Smell training : sad because I cannot smell or taste



Saturday 19.11.2022 : woke early with bad head.

Symptoms : headache, a little smell but no taste, upper back really painful, cough.

Worse Symptom(s) today : upper back.

Smell training :



Sunday 20.11.2022 : (take a test). Bad headache. Earache. Loads of phlegm.

Symptoms : too poorly to document any longer.

Worse Symptom(s) today : the whole lot.

Smell training :

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