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I have added a new page, ‘donate to …’, to fragmented.ME blog site. It’s a page that will be regularly updated and where you can find all the active research projects that fragmented.ME would be happy to encourage you to donate to.

A Small Favour

If you know of any research needing donate to or research articles needing advocacy please contact me with their details, via the research donate to / article suggestion … form, sharing as much information as you can.

If I have spoken to you, in any way, on any level, on any of my blogs, please help us EndME and donate anything you can to ME research.

By doing a Google search you will find many areas of ME research that are crying out for donations. You can also look over my ‘donate to research‘ page, which is being updated all the time.

However, for very personal reasons, I 100% place my hope in The Open Medicine Foundation and would really appreciate it if you could show your appreciation for my writing today by donating to their End ME/CFS Project, mentioning me, Denise from fragmented.ME, when you do donate. You have no idea how deeply this will be appreciated by the whole of the ME community. It will bring us closer to understanding this life destroying illness and in turn closer to a very much needed cure.

 fragmented.ME xXx

My birth name is Denise, but I’m know as Bella to those who love me. I have a first class honours degree in education & psychology and a strong passion to keep learning and educating others ... I have severe ME/CFS and lots of other chronic illnesses and I started this blog as an expansion to my instagram page, where I advocate for chronic illness. I am married and have two grown up boys, or should I say young men. I have three gorgeous grandchildren, one boy and two girls. And despite being chronically sick and housebound I am mostly happy. 🥰