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Sandra Ozolins (xx.xx.1966~14.09.2020)
It is with great sadness for me to announce the death of Sandra Ozolins, my beloved wife and best friend. She will be very much missed by myself, her family, all of her friends and the many people who knew her.
Sandra was one of the most compassionate people I have ever known. Always helping others, even when too unwell to leave her bed; networking and connecting by telephone.
For a number of years she voluntarily ran a vegan famine relief charity and through her fundraising raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for projects that she helped to develop and finance with sister charities (sustainable projects such as vegetable gardens, water wells, tree planting etc). Many thousands of lives were improved or saved by her efforts.
An enthusiastic artist and a keen poet. In recent years a dedicated member of Dinefwr Poets.
Sandra suffered from severe ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) for twenty years and the associated chemical sensitivity for the last ten as well.
The official cause of death on her death certificate is ME. Hopefully Sandra’s death maybe the catalyst for the NHS in Wales to take ME seriously and put the measures in place to make provision for others with the same or similar conditions (a chemical, scent free safe room in all hospitals for example). Sandra told me that she hoped that would be the case when she knew that she was dying, she was so brave.
Sandra loved living in Wales and was an almost fluent Welsh speaker. She loved the land; countryside and natural environment and the people as well.
Sandra passed away peacefully at home on September 14th at 2am, I was with her throughout.
Brightest of Blessings to you Sandra. You will always be in my heart.
Simon 14th October 2020

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My birth name is Denise, but I’m know as Bella to those who love me. I have a first class honours degree in education & psychology and a strong passion to keep learning and educating others ... I have severe ME/CFS and lots of other chronic illnesses and I started this blog as an expansion to my instagram page, where I advocate for chronic illness. I am married and have two grown up boys, or should I say young men. I have three gorgeous grandchildren, one boy and two girls. And despite being chronically sick and housebound I am mostly happy. 🥰